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Allen-Bradley control circuit and load protection products are designed to protect solenoids, relay coils, pilot devices, PLC Outputs and more. They are DIN Rail mountable for quick installation, and are excellent for high-density configurations.

These control circuit and load protection devices consist of manual motor controllers, supplementary protectors, fuse holders and high-density protectors, offering a wide range of currents and trip characteristics.

Fuse Holders

Bulletin 1492-FB

The 1492-FB fuse holder line has a distinctive, stand alone design with many unique features. These fuse holders provide ease of use and installation (no special tools are needed), with a versatile, space saving and finger safe design. This product line also stands out among the competition because of its distinct look, marker ready feature, and expanded ventilation. The fuse clips are silver plated for improved fuse contact and there is a standardized LED indication feature for both AC and DC voltages.

The class CC and J holders are UL listed for branch circuit protection. Class CC and J fuses are ideal for wire protection, small motor loads, and for group protection of small motor loads. The midget holders are a UL recognized product where supplementary (1 1/2" x 13/32") fuses are applied. The midget fuse holder is also approved for 10 x 38 IEC midget fuses.

The 1492 FB fuse holder family is designed for use in many OEM applications such as power supplies, equipment protection, primary and secondary control transformers, solenoids, lighting and heater loads, and drives.

  • Silver Plated Fuse Clips
  • Ventilated Housing
  • Marker Ready Feature
  • Finger Safe Design
  • Versatile

Circuit Breakers

  • Industrial DIN Rail Circuit Breakers (1489)
  • UL489 Circuit Breakers (1492-MC)

Miniature Circuit Breakers & Supplementary Protectors

  • Residual Current Devices (1492-RCD)
  • Supplementary Protectors (1492-SP Series C)
  • High Density Protectors (1492-GH/GS)