About Sigmatech AutomationOur Products :

Variable Frequency AC Drive / DC Drives

Exceptional low speed / High torque control

Constant or variable torque applications

0.4 KW to 300 KW power range

Auto tuning - static or dynamic

Energy saving

Low surge voltage

Industrial Heaters

Sealed Mica Insulated Nozzle Heaters

Strip / Tubular Heaters

High / Low Density Cartridge Heaters

Ceramic / Mica band Heaters

Micro Tubular Mould Heaters

Infra Red Heaters

Thermo /vacuum forming of Plastic Sheets

Drying /curing of paint & power coating

Lamination & lastic welding

Vulcanisation of rubber sheets

Preheating of pet preforms / fiber reinforced plastics

Shrink Packaging

Switch Mode Power Supplies & DC-DC Converters

Input   - 85~264 VAC / 120~370 VDC

Protections -Short ckt, over load / voltage/temp.

Rating -15W 0 -240W, 5/12/15/24 V DC

Output -Single / Multiple

Mounting -Din Rail / Panel


Rugged Construction

Standard Size

Compact Design

Anti vibration device built-in

Suitable for indoor & fully exposed environmental conditions

Rating 16 Amp. 380 / 500 VAC Screw Type 6, 10,16,32,48 Pin Plug & Socket.

Counters / Hour Meters

LCD / LED Displays

Reset / Preset / Batch

Hour meters / Counters

Contact/ Non contact

Digital Panel Meters

Configuration Indicators-Alarm Units

AC Current/Voltage/force/frequency/pressure/strain gauge/potentiometer

Digital /analog / Synchronous Timers

On & off delay / Cyclic / Sequential

Din Rail / Panel Mounting

LCD/LED Displays

Single / Multi Range

Shaft Type absolute Encoder

Compact size of 50 mm dia external diameter

Various output code ( BCD, Binary, Gray Cod)

Realization of High resolution

(720 Division, 1-024 division)

Proximity Sensors

Sigmatech Automation

Inductive Sensors

Inductive proximity sensors are the preferred choice for the majority of applications requiring accurate, non-contact detection of metallic objects in machinery or automation equipment. As a pioneer and market leader, Pepperl+Fuchs offers innovative, high quality inductive sensors to meet the needs of the worldwide automation and process control markets. Our experience, flexibility and customer focus continues to allow us to offer custom designed solutions for the most unique and demanding applications.

Standard Inductive Sensor Product features:

  • Smooth or threaded stainless housings
  • Polarity reversal and short-circuit protected
  • LED status indication
  • Connection styles include M8, M12 or terminal connection models
  • Models with PVC, PUR or silicon cable
  • Outputs in 2-, 3-, 4-wire DC, AC, NAMUR, and AS-Interface versions

Application Specific Inductive Sensor features:

  • Analog output models with 4-20 mA output signal
  • Integrated speed monitor with up to 100 Hz operation
  • Pressure resistant cylinder sensors for up to 500 bar
  • Sensors approved for gas and dust Ex zones
  • Models with stainless steel sensing face
  • Protective class of up to IP68/ IP69k (submersible/ high pressure water jet resistant)
  • Weld resistant designs with PTFE-coated surface
  • Reduction factor of 1, all metals sensed at same distance
  • Exclusive ferrous and non-ferrous detection models
  • Safety function sensors
  • Extended temperature range: -40 C up to +250 C

Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive sensors can be used to detect metal objects as well as nearly all other materials. These sensors are often used in applications including level, flow control for detection of liquids, grains and powders.

Standard Capacitive Sensor Product features:

  • 12, 18 and 30 mm cylindrical styles of stainless steel or plastic housings
  • 5mm thin rectangular and long range 80 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm styles
  • Sensor outputs of 3-wire DC and NAMUR output types
  • Models with hazardous area approvals

Magnetic Field Sensors

Our magnetic field sensor selection consists of the M12 housing style for traditional magnetic detection applications. Also offered is a non-contact, piston detection sensor for use with steel hydraulic cylinders. These magnetic sensors offer reliable piston magnet detection and are easily mounted, without the need for mounting slots or holes in the cylinder.

Condition Sensing Switches and Controls

Sigmatech Automation
Sigmatech Automation
Sigmatech Automation

The Allen-Bradley Condition Sensing product family offers exceptional control for automatic operation of machines and processes. As the link in an electrical circuit, condition sensors supply control intelligence at important values and either communicate information to automatically sequence equipment or provide a signal to operators for manual operation. When properly applied, Allen-Bradley Condition Sensing devices can lower your total operating costs by helping to improve processes and systems, reduce downtime, protect expensive equipment, and safeguard operators.

Rockwell Automation knows that Condition Sensing controls are vital components in today's control systems. High-quality materials, outstanding workmanship, and rigid standards are combined to manufacture these highly reliable, world-class controls. Most devices are UL Listed, CSA Certified and CE Compliant.

  • Flow Switches:
    Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction offers an IP66 enclosure rating and withstands harsh industrial conditions.
  • Level Switches:
    Level switches are available in five different styles with both motor and pilot duty contact ratings.
  • Pressure Sensing:
    Our line of Electro-mechanical and Solid-State condition sensors offer the most versatility and functionality in the industry.
  • Rotating Cam Switches:
    Heavy-duty industrial switches designed and constructed for rugged applications. Available in six styles to fit numerous control requirements.
  • Speed Sensing Switches:
    These devices provide an electrical contact signal at a determined speed for plugging, anti-plugging, speed sensing and direction of rotation.
  • Temperature Sensing:
    Rugged, industrial-grade, Electro-mechanical Temperature Controls as well as Solid-State Temperature switches for any application.

AC driver

Sigmatech Automation

Jeltron is an Authorised distributor of Toshiba Corporation, Japan. Toshiba is one of the largest manufacturers of AC Variable Frequency Drives and is also the first to introduce the technology of IGBTs and is one of the largest manufacturers of IGBTs, main power driving component in the AC Drives today. Toshiba quickly gained worldwide reputation and today its name is synonymous to high quality, reliability and product innovation.

Toshiba Drives are checked & rechecked at every stage of production using highest quality standards & latest production techniques. In addition, 100% load test is carried out for every unit to ensure exceptional quality, performance & reliability.

Gas Detection System

Sigmatech Automation

With a full line of portable, fixed and stand-alone instruments, BW Technologies has brought safety to the forefront. We use the latest in sensor technology and field-proven principles to provide peerless detection of toxic gases, combustibles and oxygen hazards. Our feature-rich detectors are designed for ease of use, intuitive operation and extraordinary cost of ownership advantages.

Lightening Arrester

Sigmatech Automation

Between the most outstanding products of our catalogue you will find a wide range of lightning rods, with models like the new Stream and PDC-E, and our lightning detectors based in the IPSO technology developed by INGESCO.

INGESCO PDC Stream lightning rod

Through its latest generation early streamer emission (ESE) system, INGESCO PDC Stream reaches a significant reduction in the time of upward emission (ionisation of the air around capture device). So, the speed and the efficiency of the electro atmospheric discharges capture increases and, consequently, the protection area becomes bigger.

INGESCO PDC-E lightning rod

INGESCO PDC-E is the basic model of a wide range of lightning rods with ESE system. It is a high quality lightning rod with the most competitive price. it is the result of a long experience in manufacturing and installing ligthning protection systems and it takes also advantage of a constant research in materials and devices resistance.

Lightning strike control system CDR-IPSO

It combines a high quality lightning teledetection system with an advanced computer program to control lightning strikes over wide areas with external protection systems (lightning rods or Faraday cages). The best device to guarantee safety in big industrial installations, sport centers or leisure areas.

IPSO lightning detector

The lightning detector IPSO has been designed to measure and display the level of the electro atmospheric activity produced inside an area of 30 km. Through its luminous and acoustic signals and its two alarms (programmable by user), IPSO allows you to anticipate the electric storm and prevent the consequences of an eventual lightning impact. Fot its price and usability, IPSO is the number one in the market.

Surge protection Devices

Sigmatech Automation

"Compact" in a 3+1 version - that is the formula for success for the new V10 Compact surge voltage conductor from OBO Bettermann. With a width of just 45 mm, it sets the standard for space-saving surge voltage conductors in the sub-distribution board. The V10 Compact is perfectly suited as fine protection for three-phase current systems. The integrated visual function display or the expanded variant V10 Compact-AS with acoustic signalling allow constant checking of readiness.

Both variants can be used in all network forms from TN to TT. The connecting bridges VB-V10 Compact allow easy bridging of V10 Compact variants to other series-mounted devices such as earth leakage current breakers.

Thermocouple & Heater

Sigmatech Automation

Available for a wide range of temperature from 0C to 1600C sheaths for almost all Environments. Basic version is with an SS304/316 Sheath of O.D. 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 3mm, 4.5 mm, 6mm etc. and whether proof of explosion proof die cast aluminum heads. Insulation is provided by means of minerals insulation or ceramic beads with grounded or ungrounded junction.

Hot Runner Temperature Control Panel

Sigmatech introduces hot Runner control System line of micro-processors based, self-tuning temperature controls. This hot runner controller brings new and highly productive benefits to plastics injection molders looking for processing temperature control that is flexible, easy to set up , and simple to operate.

Compact construction in robust table top housings.

Accepts J or K thermocouple input (Jumper selectable).

Precise control behavior with self tuning

Prolonged heater life phase angle fired output

Programmable deviation for Temperature alarms

15/30Asystem design

Floor stands to support mutizone enclosures

PID Controllers

Highly Accurate

Easy Operation

Auto Tune PID Function Supplied as Standard

Digital calibration system for measurement input with accuracy less than 0.2% Fs

Fully Configurable for T/C RTD or Linear Voltage/Current

Free power supply 85-264 V 50/60 Hz

Rs-232 C/RS-485 Communication

Advanced Modular Design

Proximity switches / Photoelectric Sensors

Short & Long, Plastic, Metal or stainless Housing

Cylindrical and Rectangular flat pack housing

AC and DC type

Cable and Plug version

Diffuse reflective or through beam sensors R

Electroreflective with or without polorising filters

Color mark sensors and safety guards

Cylindrical and rectangular housing

Temperature Sensors

RTD: Pt -100/Pt 1000

Thermocouple and extension wires


Thermowell assemblies

Mineral insulated thermocouple cables

Quick Disconnected Plug and Jacks

Pressure transducers

Rugged Construction

Current/ voltage Output

Max Pressure - 5000 bar

Flush/Non flush diaphragms

Acc. 0.25%, 0.5%, 1%

Temperature Controllers / Indicators

Type- ON-OFF /Proportional blind/Digital/Thumbwheel, Portable /Panel Mounting single/Double set point.

Input- J or K type thermocouple / RTD

Output- Relay / SSR

Sizes- 48*96 / 48*48 / 72*72 / 96*96

Solid State Relays

A SSR is an electronic switching device which uses various semi conductor devices for providing switching and input isolation. There are no mechanical contacts or moving parts.

Compact Size

Indication for control voltage

Universal input Ac or DC

Zero crossing

Relay Cards / Modules

Relay module is designed as the solutions to integrate wirings and utilized as the connecting interface between electronic and conventional components. They offer user convenient, secure, cost and easy-to-install, easy-to-place input/output platform. The Module offer 1,3,4,8 & 16 relays with one or two changeover contact to fit different application.

Relay with fuse and relay with base

Coil voltage: 12/24/110 V Dc or 115 ? 230 VAC.

Input: Com. ve / Com +ve/Indipendant.

Solid State Relay with input & output LED indication.