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Experts in Gas Detection Upholding a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability, Honeywell Analytics is the World leader in gas detection solutions, protecting people and premises in the most demanding environments.

Our Product Range

Fixed Gas Monitoring

Honeywell Analytics offers a wide range of fixed gas detection solutions for a diverse array of industries and applications including: Commercial properties, industrial applications, semiconductor manufacturers, energy plants and petrochemical sites.

  • -Detection of flammable, oxygen and toxic
  • gases (including exotics).
  • -Innovative use of 4 core sensing technologies - paper tape, electrochemical cell, catalytic bead and infrared.
  • -Capability to detect down to Parts Per Billion (ppb) or Percent by Volume (%v/v). Cost effective regulatory compliance solutions

Portable Gas Monitoring

When it comes to personal protection from gas hazards, Honeywell Analytics has a wide range of reliable solutions ideally suited for use in confined or enclosed spaces.

These include:
  • -Detection of flammable, oxygen and toxic gases.
  • -Single gas personal monitors - worn by the individual.
  • -Multi-gas portable gas monitors - used for confined space entry and regulatory compliance.
  • -Multi-gas transportable monitors - used for temporary protection of area during site construction and maintenance activities.

Service and Support

At Honeywell Analytics, we believe in the value of great service and customer care. Our key commitment is providing complete and total customer satisfaction. Here are just a few of the services we can offer:

  • -Full technical support.
  • -Expert team on hand to answer questions and queries.
  • -Comprehensive service engineer network.
  • -Training on product use and maintenance.
  • -Customised programmes of preventative/corrective maintenance.
  • -Extended warranties on products.